Rentstagram is:

An endless casual tycoon game where you, as a landlord, need to rent out the house you own, taking care of apartments, helping renters and trying to get reach. 

(Well, to be honest, the current post-GGJ version is endless because there is no actual win condition.)

A bit of history:

Was done in 48 hours (also about ±5 hours for fixes next days) on Global Game Jam KNU as part of "Global Game Jam 19" event, as our vision of the theme "What Home means to you?". 

Game basics are:

  • You find new people who seek for the apartment to rent in Rentstagram application (Home icon)
  • You settle them in one of the available apartments
  • Each turn you get money from them and solve their troubles (oh wow is that moral choice-based game?!)
  • You need to keep the apartment state as good as possible by repairing it. Repair is available for empty apartments (with no renters) only.
  • You need to keep good relationships with renters, or some shit may happen. Although it can happen even if you're BFF with someone, life actually sucks.

Our plans on it:

We see Rentstagram as a nice opportunity to make a good casual mobile game without monetization overwhelming. Maybe even make it not F2P, but actually PURCHASABLE for A PRICE. Unbelievable mobile market business strategy.

So currently we're taking small steps to improve the game and launch it on iOS and Android.

We'll be really happy to hear your feedback here.


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